Field of Wheat

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Because it's not always as simple as "you are what you eat".

"We take the time to figure out why you are experiencing the problems you are"

Functional Health and Gut Health Specialists

You didn't get to where you are today overnight, and typically a single test is not going to identify the source of your issues. For this reason we take a look at everything that has happened that has brought you to where you are today, from previous illness history, bouts of food poisoning, use of antibiotics, stress levels, dietary habits, sleep patterns, food sensitivities, medical conditions, allergies, and even if you were breast fed as a child.


It is only when you have all this information about someone that you can start to put together the pieces and get an idea of what is going on underneath the surface. Unless you take the time to dig into someone's past and uncover what is driving the problem then all you are ever going to do is constantly trying to keep on top of a problem rather than working to resolve it. This is what we specialise in doing, digging out the underlying problems and then create a program to build sustainable and long term change.

When not working with clients Steve can often be found out on the moor with Freyja his German Shepherd x Belgian Malinois pictured.

You can find out more about our approach and how Steve got into this field by viewing this video and also visit the blog section.


We can help with

Organic Vegetables

Gassy? Bloated? IBS? Struggle breaking down protein or fats? Constipated? We can help.


Lack or energy or always feeling tired? We can help identify the reasons behind this and work with you improve it.

Autoimmune problems

We can help identify and treat the underlying drivers for your autoimmune problem.

Hormonal imbalances

Wired and tired? Sleep difficulties? Painful cycles? Migraines? Low libido? Losing hair or excessive hair? We can help identify what is causing these imbalances and help get things back in balance.


Allergic to pollen, or animals? We can help with this.

Food sensitivities

Developed food sensitivities or reactions such as MCAS to foods that you never used to have?


 "To say Steve is thorough is an understatement. Once he had reached a diagnosis Steve provided me with a plan of action and wrote out his recommendations in detail. Having followed these recommendations my digestive issues are resolved which in turn has resolved my migraines. Taking me through my life health history enabled Steve to see a pattern that developed from childhood and was the reason for my current health problems."

— B. Ellis